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Woodcuts, design, printing, and binding by Ian Huebert. 

Every once in a while I find the word "everything" written in one of my sketchbooks. The word always occupies its own page, as it seems to contain exactly what it says and there is no need for anything else. A story is the same kind of vessel as that word. I'm always looking for a story that can contain everything. Everything can be anything or some things or nothing at all. 

 My favorite thing about telling stories with woodcuts is the use of words can be scant or absent altogether. A sequence of pictures affords a certain space for the reader to occupy between each picture. The reader gets to connect the dots. It’s the same process and the same kind of discovery I experience in making the book.  

So far everything has been printed on a Vandercook from metal type and blocks of wood. A good amount of attention is paid to the binding and what paper does what. 

 There’s more in the works. More woodcuts telling more stories. Finding more ways to make books with my hands and getting that Heidelberg up and running. If anything, more dots to connect and more daylight hours too.


Ian Huebert is an illustrator and book maker. He grew up on a farm in central Nebraska and received an MFA from the University of Iowa Center for the Book. His drawings and prints have appeared in or on numerous publications from Copper Canyon, FSG, McSweeney’s, Rotland Press, S. Fischer Verlag, and The Rumpus.